Thinking of Installing Plantation Shutters? Read This First

Plantation shutters are a popular choice among Australian homeowners for their timeless, elegant look and feel. These shutters provide a classic design that never goes out of style while offering several practical features like excellent lighting control, enhanced insulation and better privacy, which can improve the overall feel of your home.

If you’re thinking of installing a set of plantation shutters, let us help! In this blog, we’ll walk you through the main benefits of plantation shutters as well as the cost and materials to consider before installing them. Read on!

What are the benefits of plantation shutters? 

man demonstrating plantation shutters

There are many benefits of plantation shutters that make them a great fit for a range of settings, including living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even commercial spaces like retail stores and offices. 

Take a look at the main benefits of plantation shutters for your interior decor: 

  • Better light and temperature control – Unlike standard blinds and curtains, plantation shutters are built with wide louvres that allow more air to circulate throughout your home. This is a blessing in summer when a cool breeze is just what you need to beat the heat. Plantation shutters also feature a tighter closing mechanism that lets very little air escape, meaning it’s easier to keep cool air inside in summer and warm air inside in winter.

    The same applies to light control, as each slat can be opened and closed to any height to allow as little or as much light into your home as needed!
  • A stylish, contemporary look and feel — Plantation shutters have been a staple of Australian homes for decades, thanks to their elegant, classic look. Their wide louvres make them an instant eye-catcher in any home — plus, they can be easily customised with a range of different stains and colours depending on your material of choice.

  • Add value to your home — Because of their stylish design, plantation shutters can also add value to your home by impressing potential buyers. Plantation shutters are made with sturdy timber or Fusion Plus materials, meaning they’re more durable than standard blinds. That means you won’t have to worry about replacing your new window coverings any time soon!

What is the best material for plantation shutters?

timber and white plantation shutters

Plantation shutters can be customised to suit the look and feel of your home, making them a flattering addition to virtually any space. So, what is the best material for plantation shutters? Here, we break down the benefits of our two main plantation shutter materials: Fusion Plus and timber

Fusion Plus

Fusion Plus is a sleek, durable carbon and glass composite that has a range of unique features compared to timber shutters. 

  • While timber plantation shutters provide better insulation than standard blinds, Fusion Plus plantation shutters provide up to 70% more insulation than timber shutters. That means Fusion Plus is the superior choice if you’re looking to improve your home’s temperature control.
  • Fusion Plus shutters can be customised to suit a range of unconventional window sizes, making them a great fit for circular windows.
  • Fusion Plus is easier to repair than timber and can be repainted in a huge range of colours.
  • Fusion Plus shutters share the same classic look as traditional timber shutters and can blend in with most modern decor styles. 

benefits of fusion plus plantation shutters


As the original type of plantation shutter, timber shutters have a classic, timeless look that never goes out of style. They’re a great choice for a range of settings and provide advanced insulation and light control compared to standard blinds. 

  • With their fine-grain timber construction, you can enjoy the feeling of traditional timber in a range of different colours and stains.
  • While timber is a durable choice for plantation shutters, it’s not resistant to warping. We recommend choosing Fusion Plus for superior durability.
  • Timber shutters are easy to clean and can be fully opened to let as little or as much light into your home as needed. 


We install custom-made aluminium shutters outdoors, but we only install them internally if wide panels are required for your windows. 

This is because aluminium does not provide the same level of high-quality insulation as Fusion Plus or timber. Plus, aluminium shutters lack the classic, elegant look of interior Fusion Plus shutters and timber shutters when used indoors. 

Which plantation shutters are best for your home?

plantation shutters

When choosing which plantation shutters are best for your space, it’s important to consider what will provide you with the best look, useability and long-term use.

In terms of value, durability and customizability, Fusion Plus shutters are our first choice when it comes to plantation shutters. 

Fusion Plus is moisture resistant, which means it’s the better choice for wet areas like bathrooms and laundries. Fusion Plus is also best for areas prone to splashes and spills, like kitchens. 

While timber is a great all-rounder for your windows, Fusion Plus will take your windows to the next level. 

How much do plantation shutters cost? 

view from plantation shutters

So, how much do plantation shutters cost? The cost of plantation shutters depends on the size and shape of your windows. However, plantation shutters are a cost-effective choice of window covering due to their long-term durability, style and potentially value-adding benefits for your home. 

If you’re not sure if plantation shutters are right for your budget, our friendly team is here to help. We provide all our customers with a free measure and quote for our services, so you can find the right fit for your windows without committing to a full shutter installation. 

For more information, get in touch with our friendly shutter experts today! 

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