Your Styling Guide for Blinds: Inspiration, Colours & More

From Venetian blinds to roller blinds, panel-glide blinds, sheer elegance blinds and more, a good set of blinds are the perfect finishing touch for any space!

When looking at blinds for your home, it’s important to choose the right design, material and colour to complement your room. Plus, spaces like kitchens and bathrooms need blinds that can handle moisture, heat and other elements, which limits the number of designs available for these rooms.

So, how do you style a set of blinds in your home?

We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll walk you through how to style a set of blinds in your space based on your room, colour scheme and material of choice. Read on to find your next blinds inspiration for your home!

Choosing blinds for bedrooms

blinds and curtains

The bedroom is a special place in every home and sets the mood for us to relax, unwind and sleep. When choosing blinds for bedrooms, it’s important to choose a set that matches the tone, atmosphere and ambience of the space.

Designed to look like two separate blinds on one roller, duo roller blinds offer exceptional privacy and flexibility. One blind is designed with functional mesh fabric that provides total privacy from the outside world, without sacrificing visibility. This roller gives you plenty of light and still provides a clear view of the world outside your window — while preventing neighbours and passers-by from looking into your home. The second duo roller is made with blockout material that completely blocks the light from outside, perfect for light sleepers, shift workers or anyone looking for extra privacy.

If you prefer a classic timber look, Venetian blinds are a great all-rounder for everything from bedrooms to kitchens, living rooms and more. While they provide less coverage than duo-roller blinds, Venetian blinds still offer excellent privacy and solid light control and can be made with versatile materials including timber, timber-look Ecowood and aluminium.

Choosing blinds for bathroom windows

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When choosing blinds for bathroom windows, we recommend materials that can stand up against the humidity, steam and moisture present in your bathroom. From hot showers to messy baths, everyday splashes and more, it’s essential to always check the materials being used before selecting your blinds for bathroom windows.

Venetian blinds are a great choice for bathrooms as they can be made from various moisture-resistant materials, including timber-look Ecowood and aluminium. These materials offer the same classic look and design of timber Venetian blinds while providing moisture resistance and heat resistance, perfect for long-term bathroom use.

Choosing blinds for living and entertaining rooms

blinds in living room
Image: Pexels

For the living room, we recommend choosing blinds that are quick and easy to adjust to let plenty of light and air into your space. Large rooms like living rooms and rumpus rooms need plenty of air to stay cool in humid springs and scorching Aussie summers. Plus, natural light helps make your living areas look spacious and more inviting to guests.

The classic Venetian blind is a popular choice for living spaces thanks to its elegant, timeless design and wide slats. Venetian blinds also offer improved insulation and temperature control compared to material blinds like Roman blinds and vertical blinds.

Roller blinds and duo roller blinds allow for improved privacy while still letting in plenty of light. The included blockout roller makes it easy to keep all harsh sunlight out of your home in summer.

How to choose the right blind colour for your space

colour matching blinds

The perfect colour blinds will complement your existing home styling and flatter your paint colour, decor theme and decorations. When choosing your blinds, it’s important to find the right colour to match your space.

Before installing a set of blinds, we recommend viewing them in person and taking a sample home to compare with your existing wall colour. Check your sample in a range of different lighting conditions including natural light, electric light, early mornings or at dusk. This way, you can avoid accidentally adding a clashing colour blind to your home!

Plus, viewing the material in person can help you find your dream blinds inspiration before you start planning your next redecoration.

Check out our guide to adding blinds to your existing wall colours.

What colour blinds go with white walls and ceilings?

roller blinds

When it comes to what colour blinds go with white walls, the sky’s the limit for your blind colour! From deep walnut wood to smooth greys, clean whites and vibrant colours, most blind colours will complement your white walls.

We recommend choosing a set of blinds that won’t clash with your existing decor. For example, a set of timber-look blinds will perfectly complement your timber furniture. However, timber blinds might not look flattering behind a mahogany dining table.

Avoid using variations of white like off-white and eggshell, as this can be confusing to the eye.

What colour blinds for grey walls?

grey bedroom
Image: Pexels

Grey is a versatile colour that suits a range of decors — but not all greys have the same effect. Each shade of grey carries a cool or warm tone, so it’s important to match the tone of your grey with your blinds. When choosing what colour blinds for grey walls are suitable for your space, always choose a blind colour with the same tone as your wall.

For example, white is a great choice for cool greys, but off-white or eggshell-coloured whites are better for warm-toned greys.

Grey blinds are great for grey walls and can create a sense of layering within your space. However, we don’t recommend using the same shade of grey for your wall and your blinds. Choose a darker or light grey for your blinds to create an eye-catching, complementary colour scheme in your space.

What colour blinds suit colourful walls or walls with patterns?

colourful wall
Image: Pexels

If your room features colourful walls, vibrant wallpaper or busy patterns, keep it simple with your blinds. A set of white blinds will go with just about any shade on your walls and create a clean, calm contrast, great for creating a focal point in the middle of a busy pattern.

Greys and neutral shades are also good for busy walls, but always match your blinds to the tone of your walls. If your wallpaper features warm and cool tones, use a colour swatch to find a complementary shade of blinds.

Avoid putting two vibrant shades alongside each other, as this can make your space feel disjointed and muddled.

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