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Plantation shutters offer a timeless elegance unmatched by any other window coverings. With the versatility and control offered by the louvred panels and the sheer range of stylish, affordable and eco-friendly materials available, it’s little wonder that plantation shutters are consistently our most popular option.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we’re proudly Newcastle born and bred and pride ourselves on installing custom plantation shutters Newcastle locals can trust to be of the highest quality. Our trained professional installers aren’t satisfied until you are, and our experienced customer service team will ensure you get exactly the result you need.

Choose from a range of premium materials, colours and styles to create your ideal plantation shutters look. Chat to us today and book your free in-home consultation.

Versatile plantations shutters for homes

When it comes to plantation shutters, Newcastle businesses and homes need window coverings that can handle all kinds of weather and look amazing all year round. Our premium quality shutters are an ideal choice for homeowners looking to add style and comfort and are available in a range of versatile materials.

Our plantation shutters installation process

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At Blinds-N-Shutters, we prioritise professionalism and attention to detail on all of our installations. We work hard to provide the smoothest installation process for our customers, which is why we’re Newcastle’s top choice for reliable service and high-quality, attractive blinds, curtains, awnings and shutters. When you choose us, you can expect professional customer service, efficient solutions and exceptional results. 

Read on for a detailed breakdown of our shutter installation process. 

  1. Contact usGet in touch via phone or online and arrange a free consultation with one of our expert team members. Visit one of our showrooms or let us bring our mobile showroom to you — we’ll help you choose the best shutters for your home or business.  

  2. Site visit – We’ll visit your home or office and take detailed measurements for your custom shutter installation. We’ll also provide you with solutions for any potential complications with your site. 

  3. Quote — Our team will supply you with a comprehensive obligation-free quote for the cost of your new plantation shutters. 

  4. Ordering your shutters — Once your quote has been approved, we’ll get the ball rolling on your custom, made-to-order shutters. 

  5. Installing your shutters — Our in-house team of friendly, professional installers will ensure your shutters are fitted to your exact specifications. 

The entire process of measuring, quoting and installing plantation shutters typically takes approximately 8 weeks. However, we’ll be sure to keep you informed about any unexpected changes to your delivery date. 

If you’re interested in adding indoor or outdoor plantation shutters to your home, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today online or on (02) 4089 4318.

FAQs about plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a popular louvred window covering traditionally made from timber that have been in demand since the 18th century. They’re recognisable for featuring wider louvres than traditional shutters, allowing them to let in more light and air. Plantation shutters are used to add an airy, spacious feeling to homes. 


Plantation shutters feature tilted wooden louvres that are easily adjustable, making them a great fit for larger windows. These shutters are fitted to the window frame, allowing them to be opened like doors rather than with a pull-string. 


While traditionally made with timber, plantation shutters can also be made with a variety of sturdy, reliable materials like aluminium or Fusion Plus. Aluminium plantation shutters are most commonly used outside due to their ability to withstand the elements, though indoor aluminium shutters are a stylish alternative to wood and provide more insulation for your home. 


Fusion Plus is our most popular option for plantation shutters, as their sturdy, adaptable construction makes them ideal for unconventional window shapes including circles, semi-circles, triangles and more. Their wood-like appearance has the most variations for staining and painting, making them more adaptable for your home or office environment. 


Plantation shutters are in demand due to their stylish appearance and sturdiness. Their reliability means that they can add value to your home if you’re looking to renovate or sell.

Plantation shutters are associated with large farms called plantations that produced cotton and tobacco in the southern states of America. The term “plantation shutters” originated in the 18th century and has stuck around ever since. 


While curtains on antebellum plantations would trap the heat indoors, plantation shutters were popular as their larger slats allowed breezes to flow through homes during stifling summer months. 


This feature is part of the reason why plantation shutters are still so practical today, especially in coastal areas like Newcastle. They allow homeowners to make the most of cool breezes by letting air flow through the whole house. Their larger slats also let more light indoors, making them a popular choice for open-plan home layouts and most modern decors.

When choosing window coverings for your home, it’s important to find shutters that complement your existing home decor and design aesthetic. Our premium shutters are available in a range of attractive and adaptable materials including stained timber hardwood, Fusion Plus and aluminium, allowing you to tailor your shutters to your home or business’s decor. 


  • Fusion Plus — Experience the benefits of high-quality carbon and glass fibre with aluminium reinforcement. Fusion Plus plantation shutters are perfect for most applications including uniquely shaped windows, delivering up to 70% more insulation than timber. Fusion plus shutters also offer the best resistance to warping and chips. As Newcastle and Maitland’s exclusive supplier of Fusion Plus shutters, we provide a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

  • Stained timber hardwood — Our stained timber hardwood shutters are made with basswood and can be stained or painted to suit most modern Australian decor themes. providing you with high-quality shutters that can last a lifetime.

Aluminium – Our sturdy aluminium plantation shutters are designed for either indoor or outdoor use, with an elegant matt look for indoors or a high-gloss, reflective outdoor finish depending on your needs. Aluminium provides superior insulation and durability, is weather and corrosion-resistant, and is available in three louvre sizes and a range of custom paint colours.

No! One of the benefits of plantation shutters is that their large slats provide easy access for brushes and dusters, making them one of the simplest shutters to clean. 


Running a dry cloth or feather duster over indoor shutters should be enough to remove most dust and loose dirt. It’s best to do this when the shutters are open and to wipe each slat individually — this gives you easy access to clean both sides of the slat.


One of the best ways to reduce dust from building up on your shutters is to run a dryer sheet across them after a thorough dusting. Dryer sheets are great at stopping dust from sticking to surfaces, so running them over your slats will reduce the amount of dust that collects between cleanings. 


After dusting your shutters, we recommend vacuuming the floor underneath them to remove fallen dust and dirt. This is especially important if you’ve placed furniture underneath the shutters, as dust will collect on them. 


For stains and marks, it’s best to avoid liquid cleaners and using too much water. A damp cloth should be enough to remove most stains from your shutters; for tougher marks, try using a white vinegar and water solution. You can also shift stains by scrubbing your slats with a toothbrush, which is great for cleaning harder to reach spots on the shutters.

Yes! Plantation shutters are a great way to reduce the amount of noise entering your home or business. For example, our timber plantation shutters are made of basswood, a high-quality hardwood that creates an effective barrier when closed, blocking out some of the noise from outside. They’re especially effective when combined with double-glazed windows. 


Aluminium and Fusion Plus shutters provide the same level of noise cancellation. Fusion Plus shutters also provide more customisation options with a wider selection of colours available.


If you’re experiencing noise pollution in your area, we recommend installing plantation shutters in your home today.

Yes! Shutters are a great option if you’re looking to control the temperature indoors in hot and cold climates. 

When installed, plantation shutters act as a seal against your window frame that stops indoor air from escaping and outdoor air from leaking inside. This means that in summer, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool down your room, keeping your home cooler for longer. Plus, plantation shutters are made with thick, sturdy slats that block out sunlight efficiently when closed. 


Plantation shutters aren’t just great for summer. In the winter months, a solid set of plantation shutters will stop your home’s internal heat from escaping, plus, their wide slats make it easier to let more light into your home if you want to soak up the sun. This makes plantation shutters a great year-round solution for keeping your home comfortable.

While plantation shutters are good for blocking out sunlight and reducing noise pollution, roller shutters are a much more effective option for shift workers who need a dark room.


If you work unusual hours or night shifts, you know how hard it is to get a good rest during the day. Motorised roller shutters block any sunlight from entering your room at the touch of a button. They also provide a superior barrier against noise pollution, which is great if you live in a loud neighbourhood. 


For night owls, roller shutters create a tighter seal that reduces the amount of noise and light escaping from your room or living area. This gives you added privacy and means you’re less likely to disturb your neighbours. 

Another good solution for shift workers is to combine plantation shutters with curtains made with blockout fabric. Thick, dense blockout fabric is great for stopping light and can reduce noise pollution by around 40%. While not as effective as a roller shutter, this combination will  block out most outdoor light and some external noise.

Fusion Plus shutters are slim, sturdy and adaptable, adding a stylish, convenient window covering solution to your home — at an affordable price. Made from a high-quality mix of carbon and glass fibre, Fusion Plus is known for its versatility and its popularity in homes with a modern, clean style. 


As the exclusive supplier of Fusion Plus shutters in Newcastle and Maitland, we recommend Fusion Plus shutters for any home with uniquely shaped windows like circles, ovals, triangles and more. Their flame retardant and water-resistant design make them the best choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and any wet areas in the home. 


Fusion Plus shutters provide superior insulation compared to other materials, making it easier to control your home’s internal temperature in both hot and cold climates. This is especially useful when placing shutters in front of windows that aren’t double-glazed providing up to 70% more insulation than timber shutters – a must-have for Newcastle residents looking to stay cool during hot summers and keep coastal winds at bay in winter. 


Fusion Plus shutters are adaptable for most modern home decor themes and are available in a range of attractive colours, including: 


  • Natural white 
  • Vivid white 
  • China white 
  • Lexicon half
  • Hog bristle

If you’re not sure which material is right for your plantation shutters, speak to one of our expert team members online or on (02) 4089 4318.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we pride ourselves on providing efficient, professional service to give you the most convenient experience and the best final product. The entire process of adding plantation shutters to your home or business should take approximately 8 weeks. This includes everything from our initial consultation with you through the final installation of your shutters.


Our number one priority is making your shutter installation as easy and hassle-free as possible. As such, we always work hard to communicate any important updates or delays that may affect your service. We understand that adding a new blind, shutter or awning to your home can disrupt your daily life, and we go out of our way to minimise this. We make the installation process as efficient as possible to create minimal fuss for our customers. 


On top of our clear communication and expert installation, we also provide dedicated after-sales care to ensure customer satisfaction with all of our products. We want you to be completely happy with your plantation shutters and will help smooth out any issues with their day-to-day performance after installation. 

Check out our selection of high-quality plantation shutters and choose from stained timber, aluminium or stylish, versatile Fusion Plus today. 

Most people assume that aluminium shutters are only for outdoor use due to their increased durability and sturdiness. You might not immediately consider aluminium if you’re looking to add a cosy, comfortable vibe to your living area. However, we supply custom aluminium shutters that are specifically designed for indoor use. 


Our indoor aluminium shutters differ from external shutters by featuring a slimmer metal end cap and a stylish, low-key matt finish. This makes them a great choice for sleek, modern home interiors. 

Aluminium is non-corrosive with a thin layer of oxide that protects your shutters from rust damage. This makes aluminium a great choice if you’re looking to maximise the longevity of your indoor shutters.

Like most shutters, aluminium shutters will heat up when exposed to intense sunlight. 

We recommend choosing a light shade of paint for your external plantation shutters, as lighter colours absorb heat slower than darker colours. If heat control is your main concern, pick a lighter shade for your aluminium shutters


Our range of aluminium plantation shutters are available in over 8 colours including custom paints, giving you a wide range of options for your next window coverings. 

If insulation is a priority for you, then we recommend Fusion Plus as the preferred solution. Made from a carbon/glass fibre composite with aluminium reinforcement, Fusion Plus absorbs less heat while providing a 70% increase in insulation compared to other shutters.

Yes! Plantation shutters  offer many practical benefits that make them desirable to home buyers. If you’re looking to increase the value of your property, here are some of the main reasons why plantation shutters should be high on your renovation list. 


  • Beat the heat — As a staple of the scorching hot southern states of America, plantation shutters are a perfect fit for Australian homes as their wide slats provide more airflow and increased light control. This helps cool down your living areas during the hot summer months. Closing your plantation shutters creates an effective barrier that blocks out the sun and keeps the heat at bay. 


  • Keep the cold out – Coastal cities like Newcastle need window coverings that can withstand strong winter winds. Closing your shutters creates a seal that keeps the heat indoors and the cold outdoors. On sunny winter mornings, keep the windows shut and open your shutters to let the sun trickle in and warm the room. Plantation shutters will add comfort to your home no matter the season.

  • Added privacy — Privacy is one of the biggest concerns for buyers when searching for a new home. Second the roller shutters, plantation shutters are an effective way of blocking off the outside world and adding more privacy to your property, without stopping light and air from livening up your living areas. 


  • Built to last  — One of the things that most sellers neglect when getting their homes ready to sell is updating their curtains and blinds. Potential buyers will immediately notice if your window coverings need replacing, which adds a knock against your property’s value.

    With their sturdy, warp-resistant design and easy upkeep, plantation shutters are not only timeless— they’re also long-lasting. Buyers know that a properly installed set of plantation shutters will save them from a costly renovation in the near future.


  • Low maintenance — Plantation shutters are the easiest style of shutter to clean thanks to their large slats. Fusion Plus shutters are especially easy because of their carbon/glass fibre construction, which makes them resistant to water. A light dust every few days is enough to keep your shutters clean and polished, while stains can easily be wiped away with a cloth and water. 

More efficient – Plantation shutters are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Because of their ability to block out light, heat and wind, your indoor heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain your home’s temperature. Blocking the out of your living room means you’re less likely to need your air conditioning running all day. That means more comfort and lower electricity bills for you and your family.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we pair quality, world-class service with extensive local knowledge and personalised attention to detail. Our priority is providing industry-leading plantation shutters Newcastle residents can rely on at the fairest price, with premium blinds, shutters, awning and curtain packages that add style and comfort to your home at a great price.


As certified Housing Industry Association (HIA) members, our expert team is dedicated to matching you with high-quality window coverings that suit your unique requirements. We offer efficient time frames for all our services from initial consultation to installation, with 4-weeks for blinds, zip screens and rollers and 8-weeks for shutters. We also provide after-sales service to ensure that all our customers are happy with their final products.

Contact us today for a free measure and quote for your home or business.

We install awnings, blinds, curtains and shutters throughout Newcastle, Maitland, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, and surrounding areas. Our showroom is located at 21/13 Hartley Drive, Thornton but we can also bring our mobile showroom to your home or business. 


We’re experts in all things plantation shutters Newcastle-wide, which means we know exactly which kind of plantation shutters are right for your home. For beachside houses, we can match you with the right outdoor aluminium shutters that can withstand strong coastal winds and heavy rains. Or if you’re looking to revamp your indoor decor, our expert team can find the right timber shutters to bring new life to your space. 

If you live near one of the areas listed above, contact us online or at (02) 4089 4318 and we’ll let you know if we can install a window covering for your home.

Yes! Our Thornton showroom is the perfect place to find your ideal window covering. Want to see our range of awnings, blinds and quality plantation shutters up close? Visit our friendly team of experts and explore our selection of aluminium, timber basswood and Fusion Plus plantation shutters. We’ll match you with the best product for your home, whether you’re looking for weather-resistant aluminium for your deck or elegant, stylish Fusion Plus shutters for the living room. 


We’re experts in all things blinds, awnings and shutters. If you’re not sure what you need, our showroom experts will put you on the right track. Visit us with your floor plan and design inspirations and we’ll find the best material, colour and style for your home or business. 


Our showroom is located at 21/13 Hartley Drive, Thornton NSW 2322. 

Or, let us come to you! Our convenient mobile showroom takes the hassle out of finding your ideal window covering. We can bring our selection of bespoke plantation shutters to your doorstep to help you get the best match for your home. Get in touch online or at (02) 4089 4318 and speak to one of our experts today.

Yes! Whether you’re completing a home renovation or just looking to spruce up your indoor and outdoor window coverings, we provide convenient and affordable value package deals that help you save time and maximise your value. 

We can bundle your new indoor plantation shutters with a practical set of awnings, elegant curtains and more — all in the same transaction! Contact us online or at (02) 4089 4318 and package your installation today.

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) represents the residential building industry and aims to promote a high standard of work and ethical conduct amongst its members. Operating for over 75 years, the HIA is recognised for promoting respectability, skill and ethical conduct across the building industry. 

As one of 60,000 HIA members, we’re committed to following the HIA National Code of Ethics. This means that all of our installations are completed with the utmost professionalism, safety and security.

Contact us today and experience professional installation and exceptional service for your new plantation shutters