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Expertly installed external window awnings in Newcastle

While living in a sunny area has plenty of perks, it also makes cooling and protecting your home from harsh sunlight and UV rays a challenge. Once summer rolls around, it’s vital to install adequate shading to your home or business to keep the heat out and lower the cost of cooling your home.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we’ll help you choose, design and customise the right shading solution from our extensive range of awnings. Outdoor awnings are a great way to keep the heat off your windows and cool your home or business. They also add a stylish accent to the facade of your home, which can enhance its aesthetic appeal and improve its value.

From innovative Markilux awnings to straight drop awnings, automatic awnings and zip-screen awnings, we stock a selection of styles and configurations to suit your needs — and your budget! We’re the region’s choice for stylish, functional and long-lasting awnings Newcastle residents can rely on to cool their homes and businesses all year round.

Browse our range of external awnings online and find the right fit for your windows today with Blinds-N-Shutters.

Outdoor awnings to suit any style and budget

Our range of exterior awning designs are made with a variety of stylish, durable canvas, acrylic and sun-resistant fabrics. Our fabric awnings deliver exceptional strength and durability all year round, making them the perfect choice for coastal, rural and suburban settings. Plus, we provide dedicated after-sales care for all our installations to ensure the perfect fit for your window awnings.

Automatic awnings are easy to adjust and come with stylish hoods in a range of Colorbond colours. Automatic awnings can also be stopped at any height, letting you choose the exact amount of light to let into your home. With their modern look, durable mesh fabric and straight valance, we recommend automatic awnings for windows with differing arm lengths.

Straight-drop awnings are made with a sophisticated see-through mesh that protects your outdoor area from harsh sunlight and winds — without compromising your view. Straight-drop awnings can be operated on a convenient motorised system or via crank or spring, depending on your preference and budget. They’re also easy to protect, as they can be rolled into the provided headbox or roller during storms, wet weather and extreme winds.

We recommend our versatile, easy-to-use straight-drop awnings for verandahs, patios, pergolas and decks.

Outdoor entertaining can be a real hassle in unprotected outdoor spaces.

Add a sleek, sophisticated look to your deck or alfresco areas with a set of zip-screen awnings. These chic, modern awnings are designed to remove any space between the edges of your awning and the panels to provide superior weather protection.

This creates a seamless look that reduces the amount of sunlight leaking through the sides of your awning. It also provides protection from insects, strong winds and harmful UV rays.

These award-winning German awnings are designed with advanced aluminium textile weaving and fabrication, self-cleaning fabrics and seamless full-cassette cases. Experience top-of-the-line UV protection, over 250 fabric patterns and hassle-free self-cleaning fabrics based on your model of choice.

As the region’s exclusive provider of Markilux awnings, we’ll ensure your new window coverings are tailor-made to suit your outdoor areas.

Not sure which awning is right for you? We’re here to help. Book a free measure and quote with our awning specialists and we’ll set you up with the right material, design and fit for your space.

When it comes to adding an awning to your home or business, don’t settle for second best. Choose Blinds-N-Shutters and get the awnings Newcastle locals trust for style, precision and long-lasting performance.

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When it comes to installing a new set of awnings, Newcastle locals trust our team for expert installation, honest advice and exceptional results. We’ll help you select, customise and design your outdoor awnings to your exact specifications. We provide all our customers with friendly and honest advice on our full range of industry-leading shading solutions, so you can find the perfect fit for your home or business.

Our installers will ensure your new exterior awnings are precisely fitted to your home to give you the highest quality shade and long-lasting performance. Contact us online, visit our Thornton showroom or call us at (02) 4089 4318 and get the ball rolling on your next awning installation today.

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FAQs about outdoor awnings

External window awnings are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Take a look at our cleaning guide for outdoor awnings.

  • Lightly dust your awnings. We recommend dusting your awnings with a soft, clean brush or cloth every now and then to remove any dust or dirt from their surfaces. For the best results, dust your awnings when they’re dry.

  • Wipe away debris and sediment. Stop sand, leaves and other debris from building up on the surface of your awning by giving them a wipe every now and then. We also recommend wiping your awnings after intense weather like strong winds, as your awnings can get dirty in these conditions.

  • Clean stains as soon as possible. It’s important to remove stains from the surface of your awnings as soon as you spot them, as spills, oils and other liquid stains can seep into their fibres. Wiping away stains with warm water is the safest and most convenient way to remove liquid stains, but always check the cleaning instructions for your awning material before removing stains.

Our expert awning installers can provide you with top tips for cleaning your new external awnings when your blinds are installed. For more information, get in touch with our team or book a free measure and quote today.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, our entire range of awnings is designed with quick cleaning and easy upkeep in mind. We make our awnings with a mix of durable, high-quality materials including mesh fabrics and see-through mesh fabrics.

If easy maintenance is your top priority, we recommend our selection of German-designed Markilux awnings. Markilux awnings can be made with self-cleaning fabrics that take the hassle out of maintaining your awnings.

During wet weather, the fibres of your Markilux awning will pick up any dirt, sand or dust from its surface. When pitched at a 14-degree angle, the rain will carry the dirt off the surface of the awning, providing a hassle-free cleaning solution during wet weather.

Markilux awnings also feature fully retractable cassettes that make it easy to protect your awning from dirt, debris and heavy rains. Fully retractable cassettes allow your awning to be rolled back into its case, providing complete protection from the elements. Simply retract your awning into its case during bad weather to prevent any damage or dirt from affecting the material.

During wet weather, storms and other harsh conditions, the best way to protect your awning is to retract it into its roller, cassette or case. Simply move your awning to the highest possible position until the weather improves.

To dry your awnings, wait for dry weather and pull your awning down to allow it to air dry. Once your awning is dry, retract it to your desired position.

Yes. At Blinds-N-Shutters, we understand how important it is to choose the right awning for your space. Take a look at our range of awnings, materials and cassettes at our Thornton showroom. Our team will walk you through our selection of products and help you find the best option for your windows.

Building a new home? No problem! Bring your floor plan in-store and we’ll provide you with expert advice on the right window coverings for your new home.

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