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Find the right fit for your windows with our custom curtains Newcastle-wide

Add a touch of elegance to your home with our selection of quality curtains. Perfect for a range of modern Australian interior design trends, our custom-made curtains will add a classic, simple and refined feel to your living room, bedroom, dining room and more.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we specialise in crafting chic, durable custom curtains and blinds Newcastle locals can rely on for exceptional long-term performance. Whether you’re decorating your child’s room, enhancing your home’s privacy or adding the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, we stock superior curtains for your space.

Not sure which type of curtains are right for your home? Whether you’re looking for style, practicality or durability, our team has got you covered.

We’ll work with you to find the right fit for your windows from our extensive range of block-out fabrics, sheer materials and S-fold styles, available in a selection of colours, lengths and sizes. Plus, our range can be designed to complement your existing blinds or other window furnishings with a range of fabrics, colours and textures available.

Maximise your privacy and improve your light control with Blinds-N-Shutters. We install our entire range of blinds, shutters, awnings and curtains Newcastle-wide. We also provide fabric samples with our handy mobile showroom, making it easier than ever to find the perfect curtains, blinds and more from the comfort of your own home.

From roller blinds to motorised awnings, block-out curtains and more, complete your home with our range of products. Get in touch with our team online and book a free measure and quote today.

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Chic, adaptable S-Wave curtains

At Blinds-N-Shutters, our curtains are tailor-made with a variety of styles, colours and materials to suit your home. From stylish sheer fabric to practical light-blocking materials and everything in between, we can customise your curtains to create the perfect window covering – with unbeatable customer service to match.

Each curtain can be made with different types of pleats to suit your style of choice. Take a look at our full range of stylish installations and choose the curtains Newcastle locals trust for exceptional durability and style.

Classic S-Wave curtains
Classic S-Wave curtains are a great choice if you’re looking for a set of stylish, versatile curtains to soften or dress your room. We recommend choosing single S-Wave curtains if you’re not too concerned about privacy in your space.

A standard sheer S-Wave curtain has a projection of 130mm into the room, so your new curtains won’t take up too much space in front of your windows.

Block-Out S-Wave curtains

If you need a little more light control in your space, our S-Wave curtains can be installed with either a block-out roller blind or a block-out curtain lining.

For windows with a reveal, a block-out roller blind can be installed with a sheer S-Wave curtain over the top. For windows without a reveal, we can install a stylish block-out lining on the back track of your curtains, with the sheer fabric placed on the front track. This gives you added flexibility to control the light and maintain privacy in your space, as the sheer fabric curtain can allow plenty of light while the block-out lining/block-out roller blind can be fully closed as needed.

Block-out S-Wave curtains have a slightly larger projection of 210mm into the room compared to single sheer fabric curtains.

With our quality installation, stylish fabrics and unbeatable customer service, we guarantee you’ll love the finished product. Browse our full range of curtains, roller blinds, awnings and shutters online and enhance your home today.

Our stylish S-Fold curtains are perfect for a range of decors

S-Fold curtains – sometimes referred to as S-Wave curtains — are a style of curtain that features a wave pattern similar to the shape of the letter S.

The simple, elegant wave effect creates an understated feel that complements a range of interior design styles. S-Fold curtains don’t include a backing material, so they’ll look the same inside and outside your home.

We stock all the most current sheer and block-out fabrics on the market to cover every style. Plus, we’ll customise your curtains with the right hem to suit your space.

Sewn hems are a standard size of 70mm, but we can also provide a 10mm hem or a 100mm hem depending on your preference. A weighted hem tends to fan out from halfway down the curtain, whereas a sewn hem tends to hold its S-Wave shape lower to the floor. For example, for windows with glass that finishes at the floor level, we often use a weighted hem so that you won’t see the lapped fabric of a sewn hem.

S-Fold curtains are installed with a specific track that ensures each pleat will remain evenly spaced across your entire window. This also prevents sagging and reduces the chance of ripping, making it a great option for busy homes or businesses with high foot traffic.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we’ll ensure your curtains are installed to the highest possible standard. With over 25 years of experience measuring and installing curtains, our team knows all the best tips and tricks to get the best final look out of your new curtains. Our installers can safeguard your curtain fabric from relaxing over time with small deductions and adjustments if required.

We install our entire range of S-Fold curtains Newcastle-wide. Get in touch with our team and book a free measure and quote for your new S-Fold curtains today!

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At Blinds-N-Shutters, we’re committed to providing expert service, quality installation, custom designs and helpful advice for curtains, blinds, awnings and more. Whether you’re redecorating your home, customising your storefront or improving the insulation in your space, we’ll give your new S-Fold or sheer curtains the exceptional installation and professional service you deserve.

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