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Protect your windows from harsh sunlight and wind with our easily adjustable automatic awnings

Automatic awnings are one of our most versatile, convenient and long-lasting window coverings for homes and businesses across the region. Whether you’re looking to protect your windows, reduce glare or cool your home, a set of automatic awnings will add comfort, style and convenience to your space.

As one of the region’s leading providers of industry-leading blinds, shutters and awnings, we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional products at the right price. We custom-make our entire range to design the high-quality, durable automatic awning Newcastle homes and businesses can trust for long-lasting performance.

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Benefits of automatic awnings

Here are just some of the many benefits of adding an automatic awning to your windows.

  • They’re easy to adjust. Automatic awnings operate on guides and feature self-locking arms that make them fast and easy to adjust. This means you can adjust your awning without having to strain or put too much pressure on the awning, saving you time and energy.

  • They’re great for outdoor settings. Automatic awnings add shade, privacy and wind protection to decks, patios and verandahs. Plus, our automatic awnings keep your deck in the shade to protect it from sun damage and harmful UV rays.

  • They keep your home cool. Pull your automatic awning down and keep your home free from sunlight all summer long! Automatic awnings offer excellent heat protection which reduces the need for fans and air conditioning on sunny days.

  • They’re good for cramped areas. Automatic awnings are designed to sit closely against windows, which means they don’t stick out too far from the edge of your home. This is perfect for tight, cramped areas including side entrances, walkways and other linear paths around your property.

  • They can be adjusted to any height. Thanks to their handy self-locking arms, automatic awnings can sit at any height. This gives you total control over the amount of sun, shade and light entering your home, business or outdoor areas.

  • They reduce glare. Harsh sunlight and glare can make it difficult to watch TV, read or relax indoors. Keep your living areas glare-free with an adjustable automatic awning on your window.

  • They add privacy. Automatic awnings are fitted closely to windows to provide optimal privacy and protection to your home. They’re a popular choice for windows at the front of homes to block onlookers from the street, as well as overlooked areas including side windows and backyard windows.

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We install practical, stylish automatic awnings across Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service to local clients across the region.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our expert team knows how to deliver superior window coverings for indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you’re looking to cover your deck, improve your home’s insulation or add more privacy to your living spaces, we’ve got the right blinds, shutters and awnings for you.

We’ll deliver your new automatic awning Newcastle-wide and ensure your new window covering is installed with expert precision. Plus, we offer dedicated after-sales care for all our installations.

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FAQs about plantation shutters

With so many new services and innovations on the market, it’s hard to know where to start when adding a new awning to your home or business. To help make the process easier, we’ve put together a handy breakdown of the three best types of awnings available in our range: zip screen awnings, straight drop awnings and Markilux awnings.

  • Zip screen awnings. These awnings are fitted to self-aligning zip track side channels that can be operated via a crank gear, a spring or by semi/fully motorised controls. These side channels provide continuous tension to the roller fabric which reduces ripples and sagging on your awnings. Our zip screen awnings are made with stylish sheer fabrics that block light and reduce wind flow without compromising your view.

    Zip screen awnings can be lowered to any height and are best for outdoor settings and open spaces like covered decks and verandahs. We recommend them to anyone looking for a sleek, motorised awning for their outdoor areas.

  • Straight drop awnings. These awnings are used with a convenient crank handle or spring operation and can be lowered to various heights, giving you excellent light and sun control. Straight drop awnings are great for patios, pergolas and verandahs and are made with stylish mesh fabrics that provide excellent sun protection.

  • Markilux awnings. Markilux awnings are the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a seamless, motorised awning solution. Perfect for outdoor settings, these German-made awnings are designed with a self-cleaning fabric that makes maintenance a breeze. Markilux awnings can be fully retracted into the cassette to provide a convenient storage solution. This also provides extra protection for your awnings during storms, heavy rain and severe weather conditions.

    Markilux awnings are made with advanced weather and light-resistant fabrics and are available in over 250 striking colours, so you can create the outdoor setting of your dreams. They can also be fitted to window frames and sliding doors for convenient use.

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Our custom-made automatic awnings are made with a sturdy and stylish mesh fabric, perfect for modern outdoor settings. Our mesh awnings provide optimal protection from harsh sunlight, glare and UV rays while still providing visibility of your outdoor settings. This means you can easily control the lighting in your home without sacrificing airflow or visibility.

Mesh is also easy to clean and requires very little maintenance to stay in good condition. We recommend mesh for its exceptional heat and UV protection, which makes it a great choice for protecting outdoor settings like covered decks and verandahs.

Yes. All our installations are done with custom-made products specifically tailored to your home or business.

We’ll take detailed measurements and notes of your site at our initial consultation and flag any potential issues that may occur. Then, we’ll get to work creating your custom-made automatic awnings with our tough, stylish mesh material and durable awning guides.

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Our automatic awnings are made with durable, stylish mesh that is easy to wash and maintain. Follow these steps to keep your new automatic awning in great condition.

  1. Dust your awning. Give your awning a wipe with a soft, dry cloth or brush to remove any dust or debris that may have gotten caught in the fibres.

  2. Rinse your awning. Use a garden hose to rinse any remaining dirt from the awning. Use a low to medium water pressure setting for this step.

  3. Wipe your awning. For a deeper clean, use a sponge to gently wipe down the awning. We recommend sticking with cool water and avoiding soap or other detergents.

Our expert installers will give you all the information you need to properly care for your automatic awnings. Get in touch with our team today.

Our automatic awnings can reduce the amount of rain that enters your home if your window is left open during wet weather. However, the perforated mesh of our awnings will still allow some rain to get through as it does not create a complete barrier against water. We recommend closing your windows during heavy rain and storms to prevent any water from getting into your home.

If rain protection is your main priority, we recommend installing a set of stylish roller shutters. Our motorised roller shutters will completely block any water, light or air from entering your home, providing you with complete protection from the elements.

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We provide expert blind, shutter, awning and curtain installations for Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Maitland, Port Stephens and the surrounding areas.

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