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Duo Roller Blinds Newcastle and Maitland

Duo Roller Blinds are essentially 2 roller blinds on 1 window. Keep your view during the day while maintaining protection from the sun and privacy at night.

With a Double Roller Blind, a blockout fabric is positioned in front of a mesh blind fabric on separate rollers. These rollers move independently of each other, giving you control over light and privacy. This makes Double Roller Blinds popular for bedrooms.

Control the look and mood of your home with duo roller blinds

As you’re able to slide the two fabrics (mesh and blockout) past each other in an open, half open or completely closed position, you can control the look and mood of your window and home. Controlling the light, level of privacy, and appearance.

Duo roller blinds are discreet when retracted, allowing for convenient and neat rollaway storage.

Functional and Stylish Duo Roller Blinds
Our range of duo roller blinds are child-safe, without compromising on style and functionality. We have a large range of fabric colours and textures available, which you can view here. With a focus on customer experience, we ensure installation is prompt. With a combined experience of 80 years and a highly skilled installation team, we’re the trusted duo roller blind provider for homes and businesses throughout Newcastle and Maitland.