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Enhance your outdoor settings with our stylish, practical straight drop awnings

Straight drop awnings provide exceptional sun and light control to Aussie homes and businesses all year-round.

Free from the fuss of cords and pull mechanisms, our straight drop awnings are seamlessly operated with either a crank handle or spring operation. Thanks to their intuitive design, straight drop awnings can be lowered to various convenient heights — giving you more control over light, sun and airflow.

Our straight drop awnings are made with stylish and practical see-through mesh that keeps your outdoor seating and entertainment areas cool and shaded. They provide a firm barrier against harsh winds while still providing comfortable airflow to outdoor settings.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, our expert team have 100 years of combined experience designing and installing high-quality awnings. Enquire today and book a free measure and quote for your new straight drop awnings in Newcastle.

Where to install straight drop awnings outdoors

Straight drop awnings are often installed at the edge of decks and patios for sun protection. Thanks to their sleek, unobtrusive design, straight drop awnings are a popular choice for reducing glare and harsh sunlight on decks, patios and verandahs. Plus, you can easily roll them up into the provided roller or headbox at the top of the awning, making it easy to protect them from harsh weather like heavy rain and dust storms.

We use sturdy mesh fabrics to design straight drop awnings Newcastle, Port Stephens and other windy coastal areas can trust for long-lasting durability. This fabric effectively protects outdoor spaces from strong winds while still letting air travel through the material, perfect for everyday weather.

Plus, straight drop awnings add an additional feeling of height to any space and can make your outdoor areas appear taller. This is a subtle but effective way to add a spacious, comfortable feeling to your covered decks and pergolas.

Not sure if a straight drop awning is right for your home? Contact our team today and we’ll design the perfect outdoor awning for your needs.

Blinds-N-Shutters are the region’s choice for quality straight drop awnings

Our Newcastle-based business is the region’s choice for expert awning, shutter and blind installations. We provide dedicated service and specialised advice to match our customers with the perfect window covering or outdoor shade solution.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we make it easy to protect your windows, decks and outdoor settings. We use world-class materials to create high-quality straight drop awnings Newcastle residents can rely on. Take a look at our full range of materials and services at our Thornton showroom and explore the possibilities for your home.

Don’t feel like travelling? Arrange a consultation with our fully-stocked mobile showroom — our expert team will bring a selection of samples right to your door!

Straight Drop Awning FAQs

Cleaning your outdoor awnings couldn’t be simpler. We recommend adopting a regular cleaning routine every 1 to 2 months to prevent excessive dirt and grime from accumulating.

Take a look at our essential cleaning tips for straight drop awnings.

  • Clean your blinds using soapy, lukewarm water and a clean sponge or cloth. Make sure you rinse out any remaining soap immediately afterwards using clean water.
  • Dry your blinds with a soft sponge or clean cloth.
  • Use a soft brush to remove dust and debris from the blind’s surface.
  • Avoid solvents and chemicals when cleaning your straight drop awnings.

For more advice on cleaning your awnings, contact our expert team online or at (02) 4089 4318.

Our straight drop awnings are made with durable see-through mesh that can withstand everyday weather conditions. They’re also easy to protect thanks to their retractable design. During extreme weather, the awnings can be easily retracted to protect them from debris, heavy rain, harsh winds and intense storms.

We offer warranties on our materials and installation, so you can rest assured your straight drop awnings will go the distance.

Yes. Our straight drop awnings are easy to operate and can be either crank-operated or spring-loaded, depending on your preference. Both options can be smoothly and comfortably rolled down and retracted manually. We recommend straight drop awnings as a hassle-free exterior solution for their functionality, stylish appearance and ease of use.

Our durable fabrics keep the sun off your patios, decks and other outdoor living areas, which makes them perfect for hot Australian summers. They’re also great for keeping excess dirt, dust and debris from reaching your outdoor settings. 

Straight drop awnings are a fantastic year-round weather solution, as they reduce the amount of cold wind that makes it into your home during chillier months. Simply extend your roller during cold winter days and our awnings will act as a protective barrier, limiting the amount of wind that makes it into your home. 

During harsh weather, you can retract the blinds to keep them safe from harm. 

Straight drop awnings are one of the most stylish awning designs for modern homes. At Blinds-N-Shutters, we custom-make straight drop awnings in a range of colours to suit a range of home decors. From modern styles to eclectic outdoor area designs, we’ve got the right material for your space.

Visit our Thornton showroom and take a look at our range of materials and colours for yourself. We’ll provide you with a full overview of our awnings and advise you on the best awning style and design. If you’re renovating, bring your design plans to us and we’ll provide professional advice on the perfect size, shape and style of awning for your space.

For more information on our entire range of awnings, contact us today.

Our straight drop awnings are made with durable, high-quality mesh that can stand up against everyday weather. However, as a general rule, all awnings should be retracted and rolled up during extreme weather conditions such as storms, heavy rain and strong winds.

Your straight drop awnings won’t be damaged if they get wet. However, it’s always a good idea to keep them retracted when it starts to rain in case conditions get worse.

If your awnings are wet, the best way to dry them is by extending them once the weather clears and letting them air dry. You can also dry them manually with a soft sponge or clean cloth. Retracting your wet awnings while damp will make them stay wet for longer.

For more information about our awning materials, contact us online or speak to one of our friendly team members at (02) 4089 4318.

Our business is born and bred in Newcastle. We install straight drop awnings in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Maitland.

We can also install our full range of services in areas surrounding these locations. Not sure if we can come to you? Contact us online or at (02) 4089 4318 and speak to our friendly team. We’ll let you know if we can provide services to your area.

At Blinds-N-Shutters, we work hard to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience when adding a new set of awnings to their home or business. Here’s an overview of our awning installation process.

  1. Get in touch — Contact us to set up a free consultation with our experienced team. Not sure what you need? We’ll walk you through our range and find the perfect solution for your space.
  2. Site visit — One of our awning experts will visit your site and provide recommendations for your new installation.
  3. Obligation-free quote — You’ll receive a free measure and quote with the cost and expected timeframe for installation.
  4. Designing your awnings — We’ll order any required materials and get to work on your new, custom-made awnings.
  5. Installing your awnings — Our expert installers will make sure your awnings are fitted perfectly. We’ll also provide you with helpful tips for maintaining your awnings and answer any questions you may have.

Any questions? Reach out to our team for more information.

Yes. Straight drop awnings are an attractive, stylish option for modern Australian homes. Their durable mesh design maintains airflow and light while protecting your outdoor settings from harsh sunlight and strong winds. This makes your decks, patios and verandahs more comfortable, stylish and functional — a huge selling point for potential buyers.

Straight drop awnings can be customised to suit a range of outdoor decors. Their sleek design can perfectly complement the exterior of your home or business. Plus, their easy-to-use mechanism makes it quick and simple to retract and extend the awnings.

Perfect for long-term use, straight drop awnings are easy to clean and require limited maintenance, making them a breeze for homeowners looking for a simple outdoor shade solution.

Yes. Straight drop awnings are one of the safest options for outdoor settings because of their lack of cables and cords. Their hand-crank or motorised operation is both convenient and safe, reducing the risk of your little one getting tangled or hurt compared to other awnings.

Plus, our mesh material is great for providing shade on hot summer days, meaning your little ones can play and unwind outside with a reduced risk of harmful sun exposure.

Yes. Our full range of materials and services is on display at our Thornton showroom. Our friendly team are standing by to provide you with expert advice on your next awning, shutter or blind installation.

You can visit our showroom at the following address:

21/13 Hartley Dr, Thornton NSW 2322

Can’t make it in-store? No worries! We offer a mobile showroom available for customers across our entire service area. Arrange a consultation with our mobile showroom and we’ll bring a sample of our materials straight to your doorstep. Book a free quote and measure today and take advantage of our handy mobile showroom service.

For more information about our range of materials, get in touch online or by phone today.

Yes. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) have been championing high-quality service and self-regulation across Australia’s housing industry for over 75 years. The goal of the HIA is to uphold the integrity of the industry through their National Code of Ethics.

As proud members of the HIA, we uphold high standards and exceptional attention to detail across all our installations. This means when you choose Blinds-N-Shutters, you can rest easy knowing your new outdoor awnings are being installed to the best possible standard.

Absolutely. Our expert team can find the perfect awning solution for your home. Choose from stylish straight drop awnings, zip screen awnings or automatic awnings made with durable, market-leading materials.

Looking to renovate your home? Visit our Thornton showroom and our friendly staff can suggest the perfect all-around awning, blind and shutter solutions for your home – at a great price.

Contact us online today or get in touch at (02) 4089 4318 and we’ll get the ball rolling on the right awnings for your dream home.

Awnings have been used in homes for centuries, with the earliest recorded awnings used in Ancient Egypt. Canvas awnings became more common in the 18th century and were made with timber frames, which were eventually upgraded to metal piping during the industrial era.

The early 20th century saw the invention of retractable awnings in America and they soon became used worldwide. Awnings were quickly adopted in Australia because of our national passion for outdoor dining. An awning provides the perfect solution for reducing wind and dust when cooking outdoors — one of the best features for Australian homes today.

We install quality straight drop awnings Newcastle, Maitland and Hunter Valley-wide

Get a free measure and quote from our professional team to see whether you would like stunning straight drop awnings to become a part of your home. Call us today on (02) 4089 4318.