All about fusion20 (PVC) Shutters

Made from a carbon / glass fibre reinforced polymer extrusion, Fusion20 Shutters are slim, elegant, clean, smooth and refined. Constructed with high strength joints using both stainless steel screws and adhesives, each louvre contains an aluminium insert for higher strength and increased stiffness. These are available now to see in our Thornton showroom.

Fusion20 provides the rich look of timber shutters without timber’s inherent problems. Fusion20 performs better, lasts longer, and insulates 70% more effectively than traditional timber shutters. Fusion20 does not support bacterial activity and is Termite resistant.

Reasons for Fusion20 Shutters

  • Engineered for the best shutter performance
  • Moisture/humidity resistant
  • Won’t crack, chip, split or warp
  • Better than timber for fixing
  • High strength joints with stainless steel screws and adhesive
  • Carbon/glass fibre reinforced polymer extrusion
  • Recyclable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not support bacteria
  • Termite-resistant
  • Insulates 70% more than timber
  • Fire retardant
  • Won’t sag, creep or deform over time
  • Aluminium insert for increased strength and stiffness
  • UV-paint finish
  • No harsh chemicals necessary to clean
  • UV-resistant