Our Guide to Choosing the Best Quality Plantation Shutters

Originating on plantation farms in the Southern states of America, plantation shutters have been a trendy addition to home decors since the 18th century.

With their wide louvres and easy-to-operate slats, plantation shutters don’t just look great — they also have a range of handy benefits including improved insulation, increased airflow and exceptional light control that can transform your space into a bright and airy oasis!

Whether you’re installing a set of aluminium shutters on your deck or adding some classic timber shutters to your bedroom, plantation-style shutters are a highly-sought after addition to any Australian home. But which type of material should you choose if you’re looking to add the best quality plantation shutters to your home?

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the main benefits, drawbacks and unique features of three main types of plantation shutters: timber, aluminium and Fusion Plus. Read on!

What to consider when choosing plantation shutters

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When choosing the best quality plantation shutters, it’s important to consider three main criteria for your installation: location, climate and durability.


Plantation shutters are durable and reliable additions to any space, but some shutters are better suited to different areas in your home.

For outdoor settings like decks, patios and verandahs, always choose the sturdiest materials available for your shutters. These shutters need to stand up against harsh weather and unexpected conditions including storms, heavy rain, dust and debris.

Install plantation shutters that are moisture-resistant in wet areas like the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. This will make cleaning your shutters much easier and prevent the risk of your slats warping and needing repairs after a hot shower or bath.


Plantation shutters feature wider louvres than traditional shutters that allow more air to enter your home. This is an easy and practical way to improve air circulation in your living areas during the sweltering summer months. Plus, plantation shutters offer improved insulation, which makes it easier to control the temperature by keeping cool air from fans and warm air from heaters indoors.

If climate control is your main priority, we recommend choosing a material with the highest level of insulation.


For shutters in high-traffic areas like the living room or kitchen, we recommend choosing durable shutters that can be easily repainted or repaired. This will make it easier to fix your shutters if they are bent, snapped or damaged by your kids, pets or other family members.

So, what are the best quality plantation shutters for your home? Read on as we explore the main differences between timber, aluminium and Fusion Plus plantation shutters.

Timber plantation shutters

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Timber is a classic choice for plantation shutters that provides an elegant, timeless look. Timber plantation shutters are also one of the easiest types of shutters to clean, stain and paint, which gives you a huge variety of options for matching your shutters to your interior decor. Plus, Basswood timber shutters are incredibly durable and can provide years of exceptional, stylish performance with proper upkeep.

Basswood shutters are a renewable resource, which makes them a good choice for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly hardwood for their shutters.

The main disadvantage of timber plantation shutters is that they lack some of the flexibility and benefits of modern materials like Fusion Plus. While timber shutters are easy to recommend for most homes, they’re missing several key features that give them less value for money than other materials.

Aluminium plantation shutters

outdoor seating with aluminium shutters

When it comes to outdoor settings, aluminium plantation shutters are a good choice. Aluminium shutters feature solid durability and weather resistance, which makes them a great choice for Australian climates. Their corrosion-resistant material will hold up against harsh UV rays, heavy rain and strong winds. Meanwhile, their matt finish resists scratches and marks left by dirt, dust and debris.

However, aluminium shutters don’t have the cosy look of hardwood or the timber look finish of Fusion Plus shutters. They can also only be used outdoors, making them less versatile overall.

Fusion Plus plantation shutters

fusion plus plantation shutters

Fusion Plus plantation shutters combine the durability and technical advantages of aluminium with the timeless elegance of timber. Made from an innovative reinforced polymer extrusion, this waterproof material is a great fit for wet areas including bathrooms, kitchens and laundries where steam and splashes can warp or mark other types of shutters.

This durable material also provides up to 70% more insulation than timber, making it easier to control the temperature indoors. Plus, its built-in UV resistance provides years of protection from harsh sunlight and UV rays, meaning your shutters won’t crack or warp after years of sun exposure.

Other benefits of Fusion Plus shutters include:

  • Flame retardant, anti-bacterial and termite-resistant material
  • Durable frame brackets for additional support
  • Easy to clean for hassle-free maintenance
  • Machine-painted for a consistent, crack-free finish
  • Flexible material perfect for unconventionally-shaped windows

Fusion Plus shutters are easy to customise and can be painted in a range of colours, including classic Vivid White or White on White finishes.

What are the best quality plantation shutters for modern Australian homes?

types of plantation shutters

When it comes to choosing the best quality plantation shutters for your home, we recommend Fusion Plus plantation shutters for indoor settings. While timber shutters have a classic look and will hold up after years of use, Fusion Plus is easy to adapt to a variety of living spaces including bathrooms, laundries and kitchens and provides superior insulation and climate control — a must-have in harsh summers and freezing winters.

For outdoor settings, aluminium plantation shutters are durable against the elements and are resistant to corrosion. However, Fusion Plus is also a good option for outdoor settings that feature adequate cover and protection from the elements.

Whatever your style of choice, Blinds-N-Shutters provide expert installation for the best quality plantation shutters in Newcastle

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